“Did you feel it as a pleasure or as a ******* ?”


[The asterisks were part of the comment.  As a what, I wonder?]

“you re hot and i’m gay”

“This is exactly how bitches need to be fucked and used. Too bad there wasn’t another cock to shove down her throat to shut her the fuck up.”

“My thoughts… Unless the cameraman is fucking the talent, he should just STFU. Love to see pros have legitimate orgasms on film though.”

“watching a lovely cock like that reminds me why i’m a bottom tranny”

“Josh, is this you? No matter, babe, you’re even hotter than I’d dreamed.”

“who’s lookin at the “sores” when yer such a handsome young feller”

“and what a fantastic life the pig boy leads. i am very jealous!!”

“What´s wrong with the camera? Did you put your finger over the lens?”

“A lot of us married guys love getting a fag to suck our cocks. Or better yet, we like to fag out and suck cock and eat cum.”